Residential renovations

As our homes age the desire to update our living space to reflect new design styles and improve functionality increases. Wirthlin Constructions provides a seamless remodel process and will work with you whether you are living in or out of the home. 


Our Process


Design & Plan: Evaluate needs, wants, dreams and turn them into a tangible reality. We walk you through the design process establishing what updates you need and want, identify your architectural style, and solidify specifications and selections.

Permits: City permits and any HOA requirements established and outlined in preparation for the build.

Project budget is solidified,

Project timeline is established.


This is where we execute our carefully crafted plan and provide full visibility and consistent and constant communication to you, the customer, through our project management software.

Our project manager oversees the entire project, from start to finish to ensure work is done on-time, on budget, and within the parameters outline in the predetermined specifications.

Our quality manager ensures our internal team and subcontractors are utilizing the highest quality building techniques and signs off every step of the building process to ensure Wirthlin Construction standards are met.


Project Closeout

Wirthlin Construction will join you for a final walkthrough.

At the completion of the walkthrough we hand over any and all close-out documents including city documents, manuals, warranties, and other pertinent information.

You can now enjoy new and beautiful spaces in your home!

Before/After Photos

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